Suud Collection, launched in 2016 by Istanbul-based female entrepreneur Merve Topal Dere, stands as a prominent fashion brand. Since its inception, the brand has been dedicated to providing high-quality products with the overarching goal of empowering women. Suud Collection is committed to a trajectory of continuous growth, unwavering in its pursuit of offering refined products to an expanding clientele.

Merve Topal Dere, the founder of Suud, explicitly stated that her primary objective in establishing the brand was not merely to create designs that leave a lasting impression but to construct a wardrobe that transcends time. Suud aspires to be more than a conventional fashion label, seeking to function as a source of confidence for individuals, transcending the conventional boundaries of threads and fabric.

Following the inauguration of its initial store in Istanbul, Suud Collection strategically expanded its global footprint by opening a second store in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Distinguished by meticulously crafted designs, Suud Collection endeavors to enhance women's style and confidence, positioning itself as a lifestyle brand that extends beyond the realm of fashion. The brand's motto, "Timeless design, effortless style," encapsulates its fundamental philosophy, emphasizing a commitment to enduring style over transient trends. Simultaneously, Suud Collection aims to be a trailblazer in social responsibility by actively supporting female employees and fostering increased employment through collaborations with local producers. With a workforce comprising 70% women, Suud Collection actively contributes to women's entrepreneurship and empowerment.

With a vision of being a brand that elicits a positive emotional response in every collection, Suud Collection enthusiastically continues its global growth trajectory, drawing on the experience and insights gained since its inaugural collection.


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