Founded in 2016 by female entrepreneur Merve Topal Dere in Istanbul, Suud Collection started as a fashion brand with a mission to provide high-quality products to women.

Beginning with a modest team of three, Suud Collection has grown significantly, now boasting a dedicated team of 50 employees as of 2023. Merve Topal Dere’s primary goal in establishing Suud was not to create designs that had never been seen before, but to curate a timeless wardrobe. Suud is more than just threads and fabric; each piece is crafted to be a source of confidence. Following the opening of its first store in Istanbul, Suud Collection expanded its global presence by opening a second store in Almaty, Kazakhstan. With meticulously crafted designs that empower women's style and confidence, Suud Collection has evolved beyond a mere fashion brand to become a lifestyle and style icon. Our philosophy, reflected in the motto "Timeless Design, Effortless Style," emphasizes enduring style over fleeting trends. Moreover, we are committed to social responsibility, prioritizing the support of female employees and collaboration with local producers to enhance employment opportunities.
With a team composed of 70% women, Suud Collection is dedicated to promoting female entrepreneurship and empowerment. Positioned as a brand that embodies a feel-good lifestyle and style, Suud Collection continues its exciting global growth journey, driven by the experience and insights gained since our inaugural collection.


Best Regards, Merve

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