Capsule Wardrobe Guide

Capsule Wardrobe Guide

Capsule Wardrobe is the name given to a wardrobe that is made up of a minimum number of functional items that can only be changed and a certain number of pieces to maximize the number of outfits that can be created. In its original meaning, a capsule wardrobe is a personal closet of clothing, bags, shoes and accessories that you can adjust from season to season and love to wear. The most important starting point when creating a capsule wardrobe is to start shopping by considering your own lifestyle. How you spend 7 days a week, the weather conditions of the place or places you live, the people you spend your time with and the places and living spaces they go to, your holiday routes will automatically increase the multi-functionality of the pieces you will buy. Wearing the cotton shirt that you would wear over a swimsuit in summer, inside your favorite sweater in winter; The fact that you use the pieces you will buy for almost 4 seasons, such as the inflatable vest that you will wear during the transitions of the seasons, and the overcoat in cold weather, gives exactly the equivalent of the capsule wardrobe. You can easily create a capsule cabinet with high functionality with 35 40 pieces that you will bring together from the timeless designs and colors of Suud Collection, which takes its place as your biggest helper in creating a capsule wardrobe, and you can both shorten your time of getting ready, reduce your expenses, and achieve high style in every combination. Most importantly, you can support the future of the world by creating less waste.


Why Should You Prefer Capsule Wardrobe?

Fast fashion leaves a huge environmental footprint on our world, both in terms of production and distribution. A large amount of generally non-renewable energy resources is consumed for textile production. This excerpt from the Sustainable Fashion Forum sums it up pretty well: Fast fashion can be "affordable" in low-income countries like Bangladesh, India, China, Vietnam because it relies heavily on the exploitation and abuse of Black and Brown women. Many of these women work in poorly ventilated buildings with limited access to water and are frequently exposed to toxic chemicals. By creating capsule wardrobes with the pieces in the collections of Suud Collection, which minimizes environmental waste with local production, you can both support the domestic manufacturer and provide maximum benefit to the world by minimizing your carbon footprint.


Where should you start?

For a capsule wardrobe to be successful, you need more than a 360-degree guide to create a capsule cabinet; You shouldn't copy someone else's capsule wardrobe or use a template you find online. Inspiration is free, but don't forget; however, a wardrobe that reflects you, your tastes, lifestyle and profession will always be more sustainable in the long run. So start by interpreting these steps according to yourself!


Discover Your Style: What do you like to wear in general? Which clothing items are your signature piece? White or Black, Which color reflects you more? Start by asking yourself these and other questions. But a little advice from us, every capsule wardrobe should have a Suud Collection Natural Oversize Blue Shirt, Suud Collection White Basic T-shirt and Suud Collection Cachet Coat!


Organize Your Current Closet and Get Rid of Surplus: Even though completely new clothes come to mind when you think of creating a capsule wardrobe, there are actually some items that you already have in your closet that you can use to get started. Sort out your clothes and you can donate the excess ones or sell them second hand!


Basics: Make a list of the must-have items for your closet and order the ones that suit your style online with the quality of Suud Collection! You can quickly access the Suud Collection Basic Collection from here, add the savior pieces to your closet with local production and high quality.


Don't Neglect Seasonal Pieces: Suud Collection Basic White T-shirt or Suud Collection Patterned Body models can be preferred in all seasons, but don't forget to include seasonal pieces in your capsule wardrobe! You should take a look at winter and autumn pieces such as coats, trench coats, denim jackets! For summer, don't forget a nice Kimono Shorts or Sandals! If you keep the seasonal items well in the off-season, they will stay with you for many years to come!




Discover now and join the #SuudWoman to create your capsule cabinet at affordable prices with the assurance of Suud Collection!


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September 16, 2022
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