Timeless Trench Coat

Timeless Trench Coat

Timeless Trench Coat 

Suud Trench Coats, the favorite outerwear piece of all seasons, never got old with both its design and appearance, is ready to be the biggest supporter of the capsule wardrobe. The structure and classic details of Suud Trench Coats come together with hit pieces that make up the fashion of the season and timeless pieces like them, creating a wonderful harmony. Let's explore together the functionality of Suud Trench Coats, which reveal their own style in all possibilities, in a daily meeting or a special invitation, in cold weather or warm days, with dresses or tracksuits.


Sporty Look

By styling Suud Slit Detailed Sweatpants and Hooded Sweatshirt with your trench coat, you will be both stylish and comfortable in your weekend activities. Recently, we often come across this style in famous names we follow on Instagram and on the street.


Office Outfit

While carrying the trench coat outfits to more serious environments, you should take care to keep everything simple and stylish. You can choose the Cotton Blend Belt Trench Coat with a little black dress and belt it so that it grips your waist. Complete the look with tall boots and your favorite Moon Bag. If you are carrying your computer to the office, meeting or school, you can also choose Suud Natürel Tote bag.

You can throw your trench coat over the Suud Dad Oversize Blazer and Saud Boyfriend Jean for a more formal workwear look that is ideal for corporate offices and important meetings during the winter months.


Daily Outfit

Instantly elevate the aura of your casual outfits by wearing the trench coat over casual monochrome outfits. A new white shirt and stylish tailored pants provide a great base, while on-trend accessories and tall boots complete the look. You can complete the look with the Double Leather Tote Bag by choosing eye-catching tones. However, you can take your everyday style to a more Parisian vibe.


Spring / Fall Outfit

For a "boyfriend" style look, you should choose the jeans from Suud Jean that best suits your style and a Striped Shirt with Pockets. Feel free to add more layers under your shirt with a new white tank top or t-shirt. This is a great style solution for a day of unpredictable, inter-seasonal weather.


Layered Outfit

For the new season's favorite trend, Monochrome Style, you can layer the Navy Blue Oversize Trench Coat with a Blue Knitwear Sweater and a Blue Natural Oversize Shirt for an all-blue look. The secret to dressing in layers is to use the colors you choose from a tonal palette in layers and use the last layer as the star part of your outfit.

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October 28, 2022
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